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Rioting is not a weapon of the working class

A reader has written to the ICC, accusing us of revising the marxist position on class violence in our response to the French riots of June 2023. He claims that class hatred was very much present in the riots. Read his letter and the ICC reply which outlines the marxist view on what proletarian struggle is and what is a danger for the development of the class struggle.

War in the Middle East: another step towards barbarism and global chaos

In this totally irrational conflict the state of Israel and Hamas, at different times and with different means, have followed policies that have led to today's massacres. In the end, this will not benefit either of the two belligerents, but will spread destruction and barbarism even further.

In memory of our comrade Miguel

Following the death of our comrade, we want to remember his militant contribution as an inspiration for new generations that will be confronted with the traps he had to overcome and will be looking for the answers he found and that motivated his life.

The SWP justifies Hamas slaughter

While revolutionaries, as internationalists, condemn all the massacres of imperialist war, leftists give reasons to support and die for different capitalist factions.